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Pokemon Go Bot – Auto Walk & Catch

This Pokemon Go bot allows you to Auto Catch Pokemon, Auto Farm Pokestops, Auto Hatch Eggs and includes safe 24/7 Auto Walking. Our Anti Ban Technology sets us apart from all other Pokemon Go Hacks found online. Using PokeAuto to catch Pokemon is the fastest and safest way to level your account.

PokeAuto is the only Pokemon Go bot that can be used safely. Don’t risk your account by trying other “Pokemon Go Hacks” found online!

  • Anti-Ban Techniques

  • Safe Auto Walking

  • Auto Evolve Pokemon

  • Auto Catch Pokemon

  • Auto Transfer Pokemon

  • Auto Farm Pokestops

  • Auto Snipe Rare Pokemon

  • Auto Hatch Eggs

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Pokemon Auto BOT

PokeAuto is the first Pokemon Go Hack Bot of it’s kind. You don’t need a jailbreak, emulator or root to use our software, just a PC! Our users safety was our most important concern while developing PokeAuto. We didn’t want to just release another “Pokemon Go Hack” that puts the players account at risk. PokeAuto mixes the complete auto functions of a normal Pokemon Go bot with the Anti Ban technology required to keep your account safe. You will not be banned for using PokeAuto!

Auto Find Supplies Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is not just about finding Pokemon but also Pokestops. Normally, you must walk around your area, find the Pokestops, and pick up the supplies they give out to advance in Pokemon Go. However with PokeAuto, it will auto locate the important items on the map for you and head straight to them. No walking needed!

Auto Walk Pokemon Go

The most time consuming part of Pokemon Go is the constant walking needed to improve in the game. By using the 24/7 Auto Waking features PokeAuto has built in, you will level up faster than ever! This Pokemon Go Hack Bot will continue to walk around as it Auto Finds more Pokestops, Supplies, Pokemon etc. even while you are sleeping!

pokemon go botAuto Catch Pokemon

When throwing a Pokeball, no matter how good you are; eventually you will miss! Unless you use PokeAuto! This Pokemon Go Bot ensures you have a near perfect throw every single time allowing you to collect Pokemon as quickly as possible.


Auto Hatch PokemonGo

Aside from catching Pokemon in your area, one of the best ways to get Pokemon is to hatch eggs. This usually requires players to walk around in real life, traveling either 2, 5 or 10 km. With PokeAuto, the eggs will be auto hatched for you as you are auto walking around 24/7!


Anti Ban

You may find other Pokemon Go bots on the market, but you won’t find any that are safer than PokeAuto. We have had a ton of users come to use complaining that their account was banned using a different Pokemon Go bot. Do NOT trust these other bots as they do not mimic human like behavior! You are SAFE with our Anti-Ban Technology!